Wednesday, June 11, 2014

race car and aleins

race car and aleins

Once Upon A Time there was a king

and some people came to his kingdom and thier secret was that they were aleins

Now back to the king. His name was Sir Regonald the III and he had a pretty sweet race car but that was for the weekend

[Pretty sweet!]

Now the aleins wanted to use the car and take it back to their home planet so, they dressed themselfs up in face car suits and went to the castle

As they knocked on the front door what they were dressed up as then suddly the door opened up...  it wsa the king he said "oh it's you. come in, come in" "what are we here for again"

"Silly you know why your here."
"no we really don't" said one of the aleins in their alein voice.
The the other alein konked him on the foot "sorry about that I have phelm." "No problem"

"Your my race car trainer"
"we are?"
"yes yes you are"

"OK" "what do we do" "well your my trainers"

So they tried to do it themselfs first and went around the track very fast

the king was amazed then suddnly the car went off the track and out of the castle

the aleins took the race car into their space ship and yelled to the "peace out weird king" "hey

"hey get back here with my race car"
"sorry pops you snooze you lose." And he got a new race car but he never saw those aleins again.

Mrytle the turtle

Mrytle the turtle

There once was a turtle named mrtyle mrytle

She once was pain in the bum

She once told her mother

"I saw a shark!"

"ha ha ha mom I fooled you"
"mrytle that is not funny"
"yes it is"

then Mrytle said to her best fries friend "I saw a shark"
"your mom told me about it"
"come on"

One day Mrytle actlly saw a shark and yelled out loud to the whole town "I saw a shark" and the whole town yelled "your mom told us"

"wow news travels fast"

"But I'm not joking around this time"
"yes you are"

and that shark swam over and ate everyone in the town but everyone in the sharks belly [huh?]

and shook the sharks stomic

and he threw up everyone and everything he ate.

The Princess and the Dog

The Princess & the Dog

Once upon a time there once was a king.

he loved his pet dog.

Once he died the poor pup went to the princess.

She loved that dog with all her might and soon that pup died

She was so sad all that year

Then suddenly that dog became a ... [suspenseful music]


then that goldfish died in five seconds and became a ... [more suspenseful music]

cat turtle!

then that turtle died in five seconds and became a... [yet more suspenseful music]


And geuss [guess?] what? ?

If you geussed that the owl died well, your wrong he lived forever with the princess. the END