Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mrytle the turtle

Mrytle the turtle

There once was a turtle named mrtyle mrytle

She once was pain in the bum

She once told her mother

"I saw a shark!"

"ha ha ha mom I fooled you"
"mrytle that is not funny"
"yes it is"

then Mrytle said to her best fries friend "I saw a shark"
"your mom told me about it"
"come on"

One day Mrytle actlly saw a shark and yelled out loud to the whole town "I saw a shark" and the whole town yelled "your mom told us"

"wow news travels fast"

"But I'm not joking around this time"
"yes you are"

and that shark swam over and ate everyone in the town but everyone in the sharks belly [huh?]

and shook the sharks stomic

and he threw up everyone and everything he ate.

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