Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Black-Robed Being

[Editor's Note:  Presented without edits.  I suspect this was from 2014-15, while C was in 4th grade.]

I was in a "haunted house" that I bought and I heard a loud thump from downstairs.  I opened my door and went downstairs but nothing was there.  Then I heard a high-pitched squek.  It came from my bedroom I ran up the stairs then I opened the door and I saw a magical being in the middle of the room with a hooded cape on.

It told me that if I didn't move out of that house that something terrible would happen to me and my entire family.  I didn't listen to the figure so I got all the wrath from all the worlds combind.  I'm still here right now and going to move out of this house in the mourning.  I can't stand this at all.

I'm scared that beings that have come have tired to kill me in my sleep lots of times.  A couple of times I have seen my grandparents who are dead when I've almost died.  I can't do this, I can't live here, but I have to I've been kicked out everywhere I have nowhere else to live but here.  HELP!

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